Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Our Itinerary

Hello and welcome to the blog!

Well it's just over a month until we're off on our travels and we're busy putting the final preparations in place. All visas have been successfully applied for and granted, the flat is slowly but surely being packed into boxes, our travel kit and supplies have been sourced and I'm counting down the final days until I finish work (7 to go!)

The glorious London sunshine and temperatures are giving us a hint of what's to come as we frantically scribble down last-minute tips and recommendations from our friends: what to see, what to avoid and so on.

So what better opportunity to publish our itinerary so you can help us count down to our departure and then follow our progress once we're on our way.

Don't forget to check back here soon to see what we've been up to!

Sarah & Kev x

26th August: Leave London for Bangkok.

31st August: Cross the border from Thailand into Cambodia.Spend a few days taking in Angkor Wat, the beaches of Sihanoukville and bustling Phnom Penh.

10th September: Taking a boat down the Mekong Delta from Phnom Penh and crossing the border into Vietnam. We'll be in Ho Chi Minh City in time for my birthday, then it's up the coast to Hanoi visiting Na Trang and Halong Bay amongst other places along the way.

23rd September: Leave Vietnam for Malaysia. Two nights in cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur.

25th September: It's off to Borneo, where we plan to trek through the jungle, climb a mountain and see the orangutans!

23rd October: Fly over to Singapore for one night's stopover and a Singapore sling.

24th October: Over to Indonesia to take in Bali, Lombok & the Gilli Islands.

7th November: Our Australian adventure begins! One week in tropical Darwin, followed by a drive from Cairns to Sydney in a camper van. Christmas week in Sydney.

27th December: Off to New Zealand. New year in Auckland followed by a grand tour of both Islands in a camper van.

19th February: We venture out to the middle of the South Pacific to spend a week on the Cook Islands in search of desert island paradise.

26th February: Back to Auckland for a couple of nights in preparation for the long journey home.

1st March: It's back to London via Los Angeles. Two flights of approximately 12 hours. We land in London on the morning of 2nd March.