Saturday, 25 March 2017


When we last went to Cozumel in 2012, I swore I’d never do that ferry crossing ever again – yet here I am back on the boat, on the notoriously bumpy crossing!

This time, however, it definitely wasn’t as traumatic – with live music on board, beautiful sunshine and a lovely breeze out on deck. Fortunately, my fellow passengers seemed to enjoy themselves too – this is the main point of difference from your last crossing where it seemed everyone was unwell around us. We were fine, as always!

The reason that we – and that most people – go to Cozumel is for the scuba diving. Having not dived for over two years we wanted a quick refresher and the guarantee of some world-class dives.

The weather was perfect for us, and the island was protected from much of the wind that we had in Tulum. 

I must say it did feel odd diving again and I was a bit nervous on the first dive, but we felt really comfortable on the second – if a little cold! It’s funny how even a wetsuit and warm Caribbean water can feel chilly when you’re under for forty-five minutes! 

The dives were good, with excellent visibility and a great variety of marine life. Some of the highlights were seeing a splendid toad fish, a couple of turtles, a huge green moray eel, some enormous lobsters and some flounders on the sea floor.

Other than that, Cozumel was much how we remembered it – a chilled out Island lifestyle (but for the daily arrival and departure of cruise ships) and Mexico's trademark colourful painted buildings and wall murals too. 

It’s been really hot and when we’ve not been in the water, we’ve enjoyed walking along the seafront and watching the iguanas roaming about. We’re enjoying the last of the coast before we head off to our next destination, Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaca) City. I’ll write again from there.
Hasta luego!

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